Sticky Mango Chicken with Fresh Mango Salsa

YO. Mangos are in season right now, let’s make the most of them.    A ripe mango is something to behold. Soft, juicy and so deliciously sweet. Take advantage of the seasonal produce, because it’s at its very best when the season is right. If you’ve had a tart, bitter

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Ultimate Potato Salad

Potato salad. One of my favourite Summer sides. Creamy, potato-y and downright moreish.    This is Fork and Twist’s recipe for the, in our opinion, Ultimate version! It’s super creamy but not too heavy, it’s got some tang which is balanced with some sweetness and it has bacon. Everything tastes

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The Easiest Strawberry and Banana Smoothie

Healthy doesn’t have to taste “healthy”.   This banana and strawberry smoothie is just that. Strawberries are in season here in the UK, and they’re famous for being some of the best in the world, renowned for their sweetness. So jump on the hype, it’s worth it!   This recipe

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Fork & Twist’s ULTIMATE Cheeseburgers

I’m going to say it. This was the best burger I’ve ever made at home. Period.    OK, we minced our own meat, we’re boujee like that. But really, it makes a difference. Like night and day difference. Like chalk and cheese. Ever noticed why the burgers you cook from

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Barbecued Tandoori Chicken

Chicken lovers, Indian food sceptics gather round, each and everyone one of you.   This is not your ordinary plain, dry chicken. It’s also not an overly spicy and burn your tastebuds clean off type of chicken. What it is, is  chicken that is packed full of delicious flavour with

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Dulce De Leche No Churn Ice Cream

First off, hi.   Second off, where on earth has the English summer gone?!   Third of all Dulce De Leche No Churn Ice Cream.   Fourthly, yum. Too easy to be true, two ingredients and very little effort. That’s Dulce De Leche No Churn Ice Cream. I honestly can’t

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King Prawn and Chorizo Linguine

King Prawn and Chorizo Linguine, the popular kid, and another pasta dish added to The Summer Recipe Series!     Everyone seems to love this meaty seafood pasta, and righly so. When done right this is creamy and silky, salty and fragrant and just downright delicious. Often made with cream

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No Machine Grapefruit Sorbet in a White Bowl

Easy Grapefruit Sorbet (No Machine)

I know what you’re thinking, “Grapefruit sorbet, really?”.   Yes really! I had a grapefruit sorbet once at a fancy restaurant celebrating a milestone birthday for my dad. Part way through the meal they brought out a palate cleanser in the form of a grapefruit sorbet. For reference, a palate

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The Fork and Twist Summer Recipe Series

The Summer Recipe Series

The sun and the weather  right now- please, never leave us.   The UK is feeling incredible at the moment! The sun is shining, people are happy and things are slowly getting back to normal. it only feels right at this moment in time to introduce The Summer Recipe Series.

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Truffle butter linguine

15 Minute Truffle Butter Linguine

The subtle hum of Black Truffle in this creamy, buttery pasta dish is going to change your life.    Well, not really, but it will change how you look at pasta, and that’s almost life changing to us!   Butter, Parmigiano and  Black Truffle oil swirled together with that starchy

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Fudgy Wispa Gold Brownies on a white painted background

Wispa Gold Fudgy Brownies

Is there any baked good better than a ridiculously fudgy brownie? Let us know.   We think it’s possibly the best. We also think ours are the best – but of course we would…    This recipe is made using our signature brownie batter recipe, which you may have already

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Garlic Butter Spaghetti in a white deep walled pasta bowl on a white background

Quick 5 Ingredient Garlic Butter Spaghetti

Garlic Butter, Cheese, Spaghetti. Does anything sound more comforting than this right now?!   All you need is 5 common ingredients and 15 minutes from start to finish to cook this dish. Listen up, this one is a goodun’.   In short, this is a creamy garlicky pasta that hits

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Authentic Spanish Sangria in a glass jug with a wooden spoon

Authentic Spanish SANGRIA

Summer is here! At least in the UK anyway. What better way to enjoy the sunshine than with one of our all time favourite summer drinks – Sangria. This is an incredibly moreish drink that’s tangy, sweet and fruity all at the same time. Often, people make sangria with a

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One pot green bacon Pasta in a bowl with a grey napkin

One Pot Green Bacon Pasta

This is an easy one. One pot, roughly 5 ingredients (plus optional extras if you wish) and ready in about 30 minutes to feed 4 hungry people. It’s packed full of spinach, which is why it turns quite green, it’s flavoured with Pancetta and cooked in milk to become extra

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Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie on a cooling rack

Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies. One of the most satisfying treats out there. It’s hard to beat a really good cookie with a crisp edge and a soft and chewy centre that is packed full of chocolate. These cookies are exactly that. We use a mix of golden caster and light

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Easy Triple Cooked Chips

I can’t think of anything more satisfying than a big batch of homemade Chips (fries for those across the pond), a little bit of sea salt and some homemade dips.   Light and fluffy potato on the inside, then golden and crisp on outside. They really are a dream to

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Really Cheesy Mac and Cheese

I don’t think anyone is too old for Mac and Cheese, ever! It’s a nostalgic dish that brings back a lot of memories at least for me,  and a lot of others I know too.  There is just something about chewy pasta drenched in a creamy, tangy cheese sauce and

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5 Minute Homemade Mayonnaise

There’s nothing quite like homemade mayo, especially when it’s paired with homemade chips (fries) too. How many times have you been to a restaurant, had their mayo and wondered where you can buy something as good? For example, I used to do this with the mayo at Patty & Bun

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Proper British Fish and Chips

Quintessentially British, it can only be Fish and Chips. It is our national dish after all. The rumours a true, to those across the pond, we do tend to eat this on a Friday – it’s just the way it is!    This is a full guide on how to

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Hummus with fresh baguette and olive oil and paprika

Quick and Easy Hummus

The easiest recipe currently available on our site. Honestly, it will take you 5 minutes to make.    Hummus is essentially a (secretly Vegan) dip made using blended chickpeas as a base, then ingredients like tahini, lemon juice and garlic are added to create that unique taste we’ve all grown

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Elite Tier Meatballs and Rigatoni with a cork and a wine bottle opener

Elite Tier Meatballs and Rigatoni

These are Fork & Twist’s “Elite Tier” meatballs. As the name suggests, this is our ultimate version using ingredients and methods you’ll actually buy/use. Our goal was to make incredibly tender and juicy meatballs using only common supermarket ingredients & certainly supermarket mince – let’s face it, how many of

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King Prawn Chow Mien from above

Real Chinese Takeaway King Prawn Chow Mein

This is our very own King Prawn Chow Mein – which is as close to real Chinese takeaway as you’re going to get without buying Lucky Boat noodles and adding MSG. The beauty of cooking this dish at home instead fo getting a takeaway is three fold: It’s healthier –

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Nacho Cheese and Chorizo Corquetas in tapas bowls with beer

Croquetas with Nacho Cheese and Chorizo

Croquetas are a typical Spanish bar snack/tapas dish/side dish and are absolutely phenomenal. They are traditionally made with a béchamel sauce enhanced with cheese and combine with some incredible Serano Jamon. Ours, although it starts with a béchamel, is completely not traditional as it’s made first of all with cooking

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Loaded cheese and bacon fries arial shot

Ultimate Cheese and Bacon Loaded Fries

These are fork and twists’s ultimate cheese and bacon loaded fries. Think skinny fries topped with our signiature Nacho Cheese Sauce, crispy bacon bits, diced pickled jalapeños and freshly chopped chives. This is definitely something you shouldn’t be eating every day, but sometimes you just need to give in to

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King prawn fried rice meal prep on a Chinese blue and white plate with chop sticks

King Prawn Fried Rice Meal Prep

Take your meal prep to the next level with our King Prawn Fried Rice. Long gone are the days of plain chicken, broccoli and rice, and in comes a lunch you will actually look forward too – coming in at only 400 KCals per serving it should fit into everyones

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Ultimate fudgy easter brownies scattered on a marble background

Ultimate Fudgy Easter Brownies

If you’re going to make anything this Easter, please, let it be these. Who doesn’t love Brownies? Especially with some easter goodies involved!   This is a long standing family recipe which over the years has been perfected to produce the most glorious brownies you’ve ever tasted from a home

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15 minute garlic bread half a loaf on a chopping board

15 Minute Garlic Bread

This is Fork and Twist’s classic Garlic baguette. Think of it like the £1 garlic bread you can buy from the supermarket, but better. After learning how to make it yourself you won’t both buying them again. Super easy, super delicious and super quick. Perfect with our recent recipe: Lamb

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Leftover Lamb Shoulder Ragu in a white bowl with parmesan cheese and a grater

Leftover Lamb Shoulder Ragu with Tagliatelle

Possibly the best way use up the leftovers from our Spiced Lamb Shoulder recipe. It’s certainly our favourite here at F&T HQ. Sometimes all you need is nice big bowl of pasta with a good meaty Ragu, and this is exactly what it is. Comfort in a bowl.    This

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Pulled Lamb Flatbreads with pickled red cabbage, pink pickled onions, herby yoghurt and minted chimichurri from above

Pulled Lamb Flatbreads with Pickled Red Cabbage

These are one of the best fakeaways about. Tender pulled lamb with lemony pickled cabbage, homemade quick pink pickled onions a herby yoghurt and some minted Chimichurri. It sounds like a lot of work, but once the lamb is in the oven it takes no time at all, requires little

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Minted chimichurri in a white bowl on a teaspoon arial shot

Minted Chimichurri

This is our take on the Argentinian classic sauce – Chimichurri. We use a traditional blend of fresh flat leaf parsley, fresh garlic and fresh red chilli combined with red wine vinegar and olive oil, then with throw in a big handful of freshly chopped mint to totally change the

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Lamb Shoulder pulled apart on a plate with minted chimichurri

Spiced Lamb Shoulder that falls off the bone

Lamb shoulder, quite possibly one of the most underrated cuts of lamb falling behind leg and chops – at least on most menus. For us though, this is the best. When cooked low and slow the fat really breaks down and produces really tender and flakey meat – it literally

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Baked Korean Chicken breast in Chinese bowls

Baked Korean Chicken Breasts

This is a follow on from our Korean Fried Popcorn Chicken recipe and although it’s not fried, it’s easily as satisfying and at only 200Kcals per portion is guilt free too. Now don’t get us wrong, the sauce remains almost the same as the fried recipe, with the addition of

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Pork and fennel sausage roll close up

Pork and Fennel Sausage Rolls

Pork and Fennel sausage rolls, a real staple here at Fork & Twist HQ. There is something about Pork and Fennel that just works so well, and when that is wrapped around freshly baked puff pastry it’s a dream come true. Honestly, we believe this will become a family favourite for

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Lemon and Lime No Bake Pie with fresh lemons and limes on a marble backgorund

No Bake Lemon and Lime Pie

This is our take on Mary Berry’s take on what essentially is a Key Lime Pie, except ours isn’t. Our is a zesty lemon and lime pie with a soft and crumbly gingernutty biscuit base – and it’s absolutely to die for! It requires minimal skill, and minimal effort to

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Creamy Mushroom Tagliatelle

White wine infused mushrooms, shallots and garlic simmered in vegetable stock, finished with some cream, hand blended until velvety smooth and swirled through al dente Tagliatelle and finished with obligatory fresh parsley. Sound good? This is our no holds barred Mushroom pasta which is secretly Vegan if you want it

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Chicken thighs with crispy skin in soy and honey sauce on a blue and white chinese plate arial shot

Honey Soy Chicken Thighs with Crispy Skin

There’s something about the combination of Soy Sauce and Honey that pair so well together, think salty/umami/sweet. Combine that with some chicken thighs and crispy skin and you have the perfect marriage of flavour. In this recipe we teach you how to make an incredibly quick weekday dinner, or Friday

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Prawn Toast Chinese Takeaway Style

In this recipe we show you how to make everyones favourite prawn side dish from a Chinese takeaway, Prawn Toast. What’s better about making them from scratch like this is you can omit certain ingredients, like MSG (it has bad press, and there is a lot of discussion about health

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Korean Fried Popcorn Chicken in a blue and white bowl overhead

Authentic Korean Fried Popcorn Chicken

Crispy fried chicken “popcorn” sized chunks smothered in a sweet and spicy Gochujang sauce. Have your attention yet? This recipe is pure indulgence. It has everything from sweet to spicy to Umami – it really is a fantastic sauce. Plus, homemade fried chicken is just so good, and surprisingly easy

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Homemade chorizo sausage rolls stack on top of each other

Easy Chorizo Sausage Rolls

The taste to “easy to make” ratio on these is pretty high. So very easy and perfect for those starting baking, plus they taste fantastic!    Forget making your own puff pastry, these days it’s just not worth it. The supermarket puff pastry blocks are just as good as the

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Easy 3 Ingredient Pancakes with lemon and sugar

Easy 3 Ingredient Pancakes

Here is our quick and fool proof recipe for the perfect crêpes this pancake day. The good thing is, you don’t need ready made batter from the supermarket – forget all that. All you need is three ingredients and it’s almost guaranteed these will be in your fridge/store cupboard. Plain

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Valentines day champagne lobster linguini with red roses and a bottle

Valentines Day Lobster and Chocolate Meal for Two

This is Fork & Twist’s romantic two course valentines day meal for two. It’s a luxurious main and dessert fit for the occasion that’s intended to truly wow your other half and minimise as much work as possible.    The main course is a Lobster linguini with a champagne cream

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Loaded Chipotle Chicken Tacos with Guacamole, Pickled Onions, Yoghurt and coriander on a wooden board

Loaded Chipotle Chicken Tacos

Tacos, everyone’s favourite Mexican street food fix. Top them with everyones favourite Mexican chicken, Chipotle Chicken (it just is, ok!), and we have reached Mexican food heaven!   This recipe teaches you how to make some incredible Chipotle Chicken using real, whole chipotle peppers and a quick and easy homemade

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Braised Beef Short Rib with mash potato and carrot in gravy with a fork pulling apart the meat

Fall Off The Bone Braised Beef Short Ribs

I’m sure Braised Beef Short Ribs were invented for cold rainy days where all you want to do is hunker down indoors with a warming hearty meal full of satisfyingly rich flavours. If you’re here looking at this now, I bet you are in the same boat I was last

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Nacho Cheese dip with tortilla crisps and jalapeños on a wooden board

Nacho Cheese Dip Cinema Style

Nacho cheese dip. Probably one of the best party dips out there when done right, and one of the best in the UK is from Odeon Cinemas. I mean, who else goes there not for the iMax but for the Nacho Cheese?    So we were shopping in the supermarket

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Best Ever French Toast with yoghurt, blueberries and mint

Best Ever French Toast

This is the best French toast recipe we have ever made!   French toast (or Pain Perdu as the French actually call it OR eggy bread as us Brits call it) has to be up there as one of the all time breakfast/brunch greats sitting alongside stacked pancakes and a

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Ultimate Puréed cauliflower sauce on a silver spoon over a blue bowl

Puréed Cauliflower Sauce – the Ultimate version

This is the best version of one of the most talked about sauces on the internet. Cauliflower sauce. We have tried and tested lots of variations from many different blogs, books and videos. Shout out to this youtube video being the main inspiration behind our technique. This journey has lead

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Fully loaded chicken gyros kebab in hand green tommy hilfiger hoodie

Fully Loaded Chicken Gyros Kebab

Want a takeaway with the added guilt or expense? Enter the Fully Loaded Chicken Gyros Kebab. This is a quick and easy kebab made using our homemade chicken gyros recipe – it will beat anything you get from a kebab shop. You just can’t get this kind of freshness anywhere

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Paella with Chicken, Chorizo and King Prawn in a white bowl

Paella with King Prawn, Chicken and Chorizo

We’re going to start this post off by saying this is not an authentic Paella (lo siento Spanish amigos), and no Paella with Chorizo will ever be considered authentic. In fact it’s highly frowned upon and could even be a criminal act (not really).   BUT, what we are saying

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Date night bucatini with champagne and king prawns in a white pasta bowl set up at the dinner table

Date Night Bucatini with Champagne and King Prawns

Date night on the horizon? Leftover Champagne from new years eve? Want to use up that bottle you’ve had for ages?   It’s still dry January if you cook with it amirite?   Enter Bucatini (fancy spaghetti) with King Prawns in a champagne sauce. Think creamy white wine sauce, but

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Creamy scrambled eggs on a grey plate on a marble background

Scrambled Eggs: How to make them Creamier.

In the first of a new series at Fork and Twist called “How too’s”, we are going to teach you how to get your scrambled eggs creamier. We’re talking the creamiest of the creamy eggs, creamier than you’ve ever been able to make and it’s made without cream and without

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Creamed spinach on a fork close up

Creamed Spinach – The only Recipe You’ll Ever Need

Creamed Spinach. Arguably one of the greatest side dishes to ever grace a good steak. In fact, it’s our favourite. This recipe is going to be the best one you will make, we’re not joking when we say it’s as good as any restaurant version anywhere, ever. Not that we’re

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Healthy Veggie Egg Fried Rice eating with Chop Sticks

Healthy Egg Fried Rice

It’s January, you’ve overindulged and added a few extra kilos than you expected. We’re in lockdown (in the UK), it’s super cold (-2) and the gyms are shut. BUT ALAS, we have the solution toll your problems! Well, not really, but it tastes blimmin’ good, is packed full of veggies

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Creamy King Prawn Tagliatelle with Broccoli and Cherry Tomatoes in a Mustard Carbonara Sauce Arial Picture

Creamy King Prawn Tagliatelle with Broccoli and cherry tomatoes

Creamy egg yolk, fresh vegetables, juicy king prawns, tangy mustard and Parmesan cheese. Have your attention? GOOD.   This is a recipe inspired by a traditional Carbonara, although there is nothing traditional about this recipe. Italians, apologies in advance for the recipe that’s about to follow… Well sorry not sorry

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Easy Greek Chicken Gyros Tower after cooking

Easy Greek Chicken Gyros

The definition of a Gyros, is meat carved from a vertical rotisserie. This recipe teaches you how to emulate that delicious chicken that you might find at high end Kebab shops, like The Athenian, in your own home.    It is emulated using a large baking potato and some wooden

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Herby Cheese and Onion Pastry Rolls on a wooden board

Herby Cheese and Onion Rolls with Homemade Pastry

The sausage roll turns veggie this time around. Here is your guide to making the best vegetarian “sausage” rolls ever, including proper homemade shortcrust pastry. This recipe is centred around good quality aged cheddar, grated onion and pungent fresh herbs like Chives and Parsley. A word of warning though, you

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Costco Kirkland Style Mince Pie Cakes

The Kirkland signature mince pies from Costco. For me and my family these are some of the best mince pies you can buy, and the festive season does not start for us until we get a huge 12 pack of these incredible little cakey pie things. For those of you

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Chicken Chasseur Side shot

French Hunters Chicken – Chicken Chasseur

You may be familiar with Hunters Chicken. Normally found in your common eatery, it more often than not consists of a chicken breast topped with bacon, BBQ sauce and cheese. Delightfully naughty and totally unrefined. However, there is another Hunters chicken you may or may not have heard of –

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Sun-dried Tomato Mac & Cheese

Mac and Cheese needs no introduction, it’s American comfort food at its absolute finest and incredibly luxurious and creamy if done right. Often used as a side dish, this version is allowed to sing on its own by incorporating three types of cheese, mustard and the star – preserved sun-dried

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Front shot of the best oats protein pancake topped with yoghurt and fresh berries

The Best Oaty Protein Pancakes Ever

Protein pancakes made with proper techniques, no refined sugar, no mashed banana, low GI index and still down right delicious. Let’s get straight into it shall we… What Are These Pancakes About? So you’re looking for a good protein pancake recipe? Well, you’ve come to the right place. As I

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Arial side shot of pan fried trout with creamy herby pasta

Crispy Trout with Creamy Cheese and Chive Spaghetti

Trout. Forget everything you ever thought about it. Not on the menu very often, and for one big reason. Its overshadowed by its big brother – Salmon. Now, you can use salmon for this dish, heck, you could use smoked salmon if you so pleased (actually, that’s not a bad

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Side Shot of Conchiglie with a sun-dried tomato bolognese topped with Parmesan and basil on a white wooden background in a large white bowl.

30 Minute Sun-dried Tomato Bolognese with Conchiglie

This is a recipe for those days where you crave something warm and comforting, but don’t fancy spending more than 30 minutes cooking. It’s an absolute screamer of a dish, with very little food prep. Background to the Quick Bolognese It took me exactly 30 minutes to cook on a

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Ultimate Fluffy American Pancakes - Maple syrup and salted butter side shot

Ultimate Fluffy American Pancakes

These are the best pancakes you will ever make. Period. This is the pancake recipe you have been searching for, the holy grail, the chosen one. Disclaimer, it will ruin all other pancakes…

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